Former Programs

ARME and Beagle Freedom Project’s former programs were efforts that created massive educational outreach and resulting in numerous rescues. The success of these programs has spawned the new and larger efforts of R+FP!

Identity Campaign


Beagle Freedom Project won the Lush Prize for Public Awareness for their innovative ‘Identity Campaign’ in 2015.

This campaign brought awareness to the nation about animals still tested in labs by identifying those dogs and cats still suffering in labs, and giving individuals the opportunity to virtually “adopt” an animal, who hAd only been known by a number. This not only have them a name, but the ‘adopter” then was given the tools to file public records requests to obtain information about the animals and lobby for their release.

While Beagle Freedom Project’s Identity Campaign has ended, we will always continue to fight for their freedom. Thank you to all you helped and supported this campaign.


ARME’s #DogsInTheDark Program seeks to raise awareness of the dog meat trade through their rescues in the United States and abroad, and bring an end to the torture. While this was a program for ARME, it is now embraced as part of the mission off Rescue + Freedom Project and we will continue to bring light to these issues.

In December of 2015, ARME assisted in the rescue of 11 dogs trapped in a slaughterhouse in China, about to be killed for food.

ARME brought them to the Unites States, where they received the medical attention they needed and were placed in wonderful homes

In March of 2016, after rescuers in Korea found Chi Chi bound and thrown away outside a dog meat slaughterhouse, ARME stepped in and assisted by bringing her to the U.S and finding her forever home.

Chi Chi lost all 4 legs below the knee due to the abuse she sustained, but is the happiest and sweetest dog you will ever meet! She is now a service dog to special needs humans and her adoptive family makes
sure everyone knows her story.


ARME has produced three award-winning documentaries that educate and inspire.


This beautifully filmed documentary brings the viewer into the lives of these special relatives of humans, to see the world through their eyes.


Whether you are a fan of fur or repulsed by the thought, you owe it to yourself to watch this moving peek inside the dark world of ugly glamour and painful beauty.


People from all over the globe, tell their tales of liberation, incarceration, sacrifice and determination.