Adopt or Foster

R+FP maintains a very serious process for the fostering and adoption of these animals because they are special needs. Special needs animals come with incredible gifts, and as their foster or adopter you are not only helping them, but saving them.

Please fill out the application and a member of our team will be in touch to discuss our adoptable animals. Please note, in addition to the application, phone interview and home-check mentioned above, there is an adoption fee based on animal type and R+FP will be checking references.

As a foster or adopter, you will be required to have a lot of patience and understanding because these animals have had a traumatic past. They may have severe fear issues among other things. In our experience, These animals do best when in a home with other animals of their species to learn from.

The Process

• Fill out a foster or adoption application.

• The Foster and Adoption Department will review the application.

• If the application is complete and satisfactory, R+FP will contact you and conduct a phone interview.

• R+FP will perform a reference check.

• R+FP will do a home check – this will either be done in person or virtually.

• If home check is satisfactory, a meet and greet will be setup between the animal and the potential new family.

• R+FP will finalize the foster or adoption process, including paperwork and light training on welcome and care for your new animal.


• You must be cruelty-free, meaning you do not use products tested on animals (pharmaceutical excluded).

• If you are not yet cruelty-free, you are willing to learn and become cruelty-free.

• Your new animal is an ambassador, so you must be willing to participate in ways to educate the public about where your animal came from and how to help this cause.

• In most cases, when you are fostering or adopting a dog, you must have at least 1 other dog (subject to personality assessment).