Beagle Bill

Support the ‘Right to Release’! Nine states have now passed Rescue + Freedom Project’s (RFP) signature legislation, the Beagle Freedom Bill, which requires laboratories to offer healthy dogs and cats for public adoption after the experiments have ended.


RFP’s life-saving legislative effort is enacting laws which ensure dogs and cats used for testing and experimentation get every opportunity to have a life after labs and get adopted into loving homes.

This is a simple, common-sense, and compassionate proposal to help rescue dogs and cats from tax-payer funded research laboratories.
The legislation facilitates a relationship between laboratories that use dogs and cats for research purposes and registered non-profit animal rescue organizations so that when the animals are no longer needed they can be placed up for public adoption.

The law is needed! No federal or state laws or regulations address what happens to animals when the testing ends. In the US, more than 60,000 dogs and nearly 20,000 cats are being used for animal experimentation to test cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, household products and for other scientific curiosities. Nearly 96% of the dogs used are beagles, mainly because of their friendly, docile, and submissive nature.
The industry standard practice is to euthanize these animals after the experiments are over. The only opportunity for a post-laboratory life
for these animals is completely dependent on the discretion of research workers to volunteer their time to try to find these animals a home.
After all these animals have endured for human products, pharmaceuticals, and academic curiosities they deserve a chance at a real life!

In 2014 Minnesota became the first state to pass and successfully implement the Beagle Freedom Bill. Since then, California, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Maryland, Nevada, New York, and Rhode Island have all passed similar laws. In 2019 Rescue + Freedom Project is supporting similar bills in Massachusetts, New Jersey, Oregon, Texas, Virginia, and Washington. If you live in one of these states please sign the petition, email, write, and call your representatives or personally lobby at the capitol. Also, contact your representatives in Congress and tell them you want the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to implement a Research Animal Adoption Policy for all publicly funded animal experimentation.

Take Action!
For this law to pass your political representatives need to hear from you. The more direct and personal – the more effective. Please send an email to your representative, give them a call, and lobby in person!



• This bill simply asks laboratories to contact animal rescue organizations willing to take on the responsibility of adopting out dogs and cats after the experiments have ended, rather than euthanizing them.
• States which pass this bill demonstrate their high standard for research ethics and animal welfare.
• This life-saving bill finds common ground among people otherwise at odds over the controversial issue of animal testing.
• This bill protects research laboratories from liability and offers complete confidentiality if they so choose.


• This bill leaves the discretion to the veterinary professionals to determine if a dog or cat is healthy enough for
post-research adoption.
• This bill does not interfere with the research process or grant requests.
• This bill does not require research labs to assume any extra cost, provide transportation, veterinary care, or financial assistance.
• This bill does not require any at capacity shelter or rescue group to assume responsibility for these animals; it only gives them the opportunity if they so choose.