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Year of the Dog!

On January 11th, 2018 fifteen animal testing and dog meat trade survivors came from Beijing, China to the USA where R+FP will get them the best veterinary care and find them forever homes!


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There is one in every rescue group. The dog that saw, heard, and physically felt too much… a sensitive dog that is so very fragile. On January 11th, 2018 that dog was Paula.


Survivor Updates

Meet one of the Beantown Beagles. Affectionately called ‘Baby’ by his human sister, Erin, meet Barkhamsted, CT resident Finn!


The Mission


The Rescue + Freedom Project is a US based non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing survivors of unique captivity and cruelty and telling their emotionally compelling stories to prompt social change and celebrate a #RescueLifestyle.

Since 2010 the charity has been freeing survivors from laboratory experiments, senior and special needs animals from shelters, and victims of horrific abuse from around the world.

No matter what the condition, the location, or the expense, the Rescue and Freedom Project stands at the ready to rescue, rehabilitate, and repeat.

Our mission is to help animals suffering in captivity and give them a chance at freedom.

Latest News

Big Hearts!

The heart is the strongest and hardest working muscle in a body. Its constant beating gives us life. It endures years of 24/7 labor and fluctuates with our activity. It is also, metaphorically, the most fragile part of all of us, sensitive to slights and so easily broken by betrayal. It never ceases to amaze
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From Hell to Hollywood

A story of survival in four acts... ACT 1. R+FP's Chinese rescue partners pull two Mastiffs from a literal pit of despair. These two were destined to be someone's dinner. They are alive, but just barely.
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Survivor Update

Where are they now?

Hundreds of animals have passed through the Rescue + Freedom Project doors in the last seven years and their rescues and stories of survival have touched many of us. Every Wednesday we publish an update on an individual survivor. Where they are now, how they have recovered, their family fun, and of course lots of adorable pictures.

Latest Survivor Update: Finn

Meet one of the Beantown Beagles. Affectionately called ‘Baby’ by his human sister, Erin, meet Barkhamsted, CT resident Finn! Meet the exceptionally well-loved and quirky girl. . . Finn! Read More.